Candidate Profile Summary - Dolor Campantero
     Personal Information
Candidate ID: 2511
First Name: Dolor
Last Name: Campantero
Age: 47
Gender: Female
Nationality: Filipino
Current Location: Nicosia, Cyprus
Seeking: Full Time Live-in Position
Specializing In: Childcare, Elderly Care
Hi prospective family. My name is Dolor and I am currenty working in Cyprus with a family of five. The children are aged between 13 and 20 now. I have worked with the family for nearly six years so have gained an incredible amount of experience. There were a lot of difficulties, but the happy moments outweigh the sad. As much as I want to stay here I cant because Im only allowed to be here a certain number of years. I am efficient,I can work with little supervision and I can easily learn. I am adaptable and I know how to manage my time. My work here involves carrying out all the household chores, running errands, taking care of the pets,tutorials,playing with the kids to name a few. Im comfortable with kids and I realate to them very well. Being here in Cyprus is the very first job I have outside the Philippines taking care of children and carrying out household work. Although Im not a stranger when it comes to household chores, its very different when one is doing it as a job. I have learnt a lot and have become extremely confident at the work I do and carry all my tasks out very well. I belong to a family of six. I have three younger brothers We were orphaned at an age when we were just starting to earn a living to help the family. I being the eldest child have shouldered most of the responsibilities - looking after the needs of my brothers and supporting their decisions and dreams as much as I can. We were raised to be responsible and not to be selfish, to be concerned and to understand. I could say that our greatest strength as a family is our LOVE for each other. Thats why I grew up being a family-oriented person. I value FAMILY most of all. I belong to a poor family,but we have just enough to sustain our daily needs. Our parents struggled hard to send us to school and we expressed our appreciation of their love and sacrifices by trying to do good in our studies. I have grounded values and have a good, kind and loving heart. 
Experience working as:
Years of experience: 14 Years full-time paid experience
Experienced With Age Groups:
5-12 Years School-age  
13-18 Years Teenager  
Employment history:
From To Name of Employer Employer Address Position Name
Bachelor's Degree  
Graduated High School or Equivalent  
High School  
First Aid Certificate  
CPR Training  
Dates Attended Name of School/College/University Main Subject Studied Diploma achieved
      Other Information
Marital Status: Single  
Religion/Spiritual Practice: Christian 
Languages spoken: Tagalog 
Basic greek
Country of Residence: Philippines
Do you have your own children? No
Criminal record: No 
Valid Driver's License: No 
Smoking Status: Non-Smoker  
Do You Swim? Yes 
Comfortable with pets: Yes  
Household duties: Cooking/Meal Preparation, Housekeeping, Running errands, Laundry, Ironing, Grocery Shopping
Health: Excellent
Height: 5' or 152 Centimeters
Weight: 100 Lbs or 45 Kgs
Allergies: No allergies
Salary: Negotiate - provincial minimum wages
Additional Information: