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Having a live-in nanny in Toronto is a great solution that can benefit busy parents who want the very best for their children while still being able to maintain a demanding career and lifestyle.

Finding and hiring a live-in nanny for your Toronto home is now easy, safe, and completely legal. Parents can now search for, interview, and hire the perfect live in nanny of their choice, using our website. Better yet, this search service is entirely free to parents!

LiveInNanny's website works like this: Foreign nannies, who are both educated and experienced, list their profiles and skills on the website. From these profiles, parents can choose the nanny who best fits the needs of the family and contact her individually by sending a message through the website. If the initial exchange of emails goes well, parents can then interview her and negotiate her contract. Following the signing of the contracts, parents then fill out the appropriate forms with the Canadian government. The legal process of hiring an overseas nanny or caregiver is briefly explained by the government guide entitled Live in Caregiver program & LMO Usually, this process takes two to three months to complete.

Better yet, every nanny and caregiver listed on the site is educated, healthy, has a clear criminal background check, and has at least two years of experience in professional childcare or caregiving work. The Canadian government also carefully checks whatever documents the nanny presents as part of her paperwork, so you can be sure there is the utmost scrutiny of the candidates' backgrounds.

Live-in nannies come from many places. Many nannies come from the Philippines and are known for their gentle nature and exceptional levels of experience in childcare and nursing assistance. Other popular countries are Russia and the Ukraine, where nannies are usually extremely well educated. Their high level of education means they may also teach your children the nanny's native language of Russian, and also be very capable tutors for your children's homework.

The nannies that you find through our search service will live in your home, on an extended contract. This arrangement offers many benefits to both the family and to the nanny herself. First, because the nanny lives at home, you will never be left without responsible supervision of your children. Your foreign nanny will not need to rush off home to her own children, for example, or go off to her own job just when you have to come home late from yours. Second, having your nanny live in your home means her monthly wage will be far more affordable for you than if you had to pay her a salary that would allow her to maintain her own home and living expenses. Third, a live-in nanny on a long contract provides a continuity of care and a stable home life for your children. And finally, since live-in nannies in Toronto will normally do other work associated with family life, such as cooking, cleaning, laundry, shopping and driving, parents will be able to spend their precious free time with their children, with each other, or resting or exercising. The reduction in stress in the home environment can lead to a happier family, a more peaceful marriage, well-adjusted children, and a healthier lifestyle overall.

A live in nanny in Toronto can have a better life, too, than she might have if she remained in her home country. As she is keen to work, you are likely to employ a live-in nanny in your Toronto home who wants to work hard, improve her English, study, and remain in the country. This means she is likely to scrupulously adhere to her contract and to perform her job to the very best of her abilities.

You can also use LiveInNanny's search service, completely free of charge, if you need another type of caregiver, such as for a child with special needs or an elderly member of the family. All you have to do is use the search function to find caregivers who specialize in your situation and have experience in caring for the elderly or persons with special needs. Most nannies and caregivers do have documented medical training from their home countries. The process for hiring a caregiver is just the same as for finding a live-in nanny in Toronto.

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Easter   30 Years old 7 Year Experience Filipino
Qualifications:  Live in Nanny, Caregiver for Elderly, Caregiver for Special Needs
Education: Bachelor's Degree, College, High School, C.N.A. Certification (Certified Nurse Assistant), Certified Elderly Care Training, First Aid Certificate, CPR Training
Dear future employer, I am Easter Kellay Fakat, 30 years old from Philippines, currently working as a staff nurse here at Al rass general hospital Saudi Arabia. I am looking for a Live-in/Live out nanny, Caregiver position in Canada so as to utilize my extensive experience in caregiving of children, elderly and disabled people. Over 7 years in caregiving arena. Extremely capable and compassionate individual with extensive experience in elderly caregiving. I am a hard- working, honest person who is able to take initiative and exceed the expectations of employer. I am very enthusiastic p
Pedee   42 Years old 7 Year Experience African
Qualifications:  Live in Nanny, Caregiver for Elderly, Caregiver for Special Needs
Education: Bachelor's Degree, Graduated High School or Equivalent, C.N.A. Certification (Certified Nurse Assistant), Certified Elderly Care Training, College Child Education Courses, First Aid Certificate, Certified Nanny Training, CPR Training
Hi, My name is Pedee Carpen, a Mauritian national, living in Ireland since 2009. I am a qualified Healthcare Assistant, registered with the Ireland Health Services (HSE) through my employer. I have worked since 2010 with several families/patients, homes, hospices on behalf of homecare companies. I am also a Bachlor Degree holder in Business Administration from the University of Hertfordshire, UK. Characterwise, I am a very initiative, passionate person and especially patient in dealing with people with sensitive healthcare needs. I am always attentive towards good housekeeping, good
Analisa   27 Years old 4 Year Experience Filipino
Qualifications:  Live in Nanny, Caregiver for Elderly
Education: College, High School, C.N.A. Certification (Certified Nurse Assistant), Certified Elderly Care Training, First Aid Certificate, Certified Nanny Training, CPR Training
Dear family! I am writing this letter for applying to be a caregiver/nanny, I am Analisa Soto, 25yrs old. I studied practical nursing for 2 years. Currently residing in Denmark.I want to be an nanny-caregiver in Canada to continue the experience I had in Netherlands and Denmark .This cultural exchange is an advantage to me for exploring different culture and languages . Being an Au pair is just like a big sister to your kids, reading books, playing with them, teaching them good manners to be a better person. I was an Au pair in Netherlands and Denmark for 2 years total of 4 years
Antoniette   27 Years old 2 Year Experience Filipino
Qualifications:  Live in Nanny
Education: Bachelor's Degree, College, Graduated High School or Equivalent, High School, Certified Nanny Training, TESDA TRAINING AND HOUSEHOLD WITH CERTIFI
Hello my dear prospective employer my name is tabudlo,antoniette alog single filipino and 27 years old. Residing until now here in kowloon city,hongkong. I took up the bachelor degree of culinary and textile arts major in T.H.E secondary at the university of San Carlos cebu city,philippines. I am god fearing,hardworking person, kind, friendly,trust worthy,patient when dealing with people, have initiative, cheerful, reliable, mature and I can work without supervision with my employer. I am able to do my duties and responsilities diligently. I have passion in my job being a nanny, honesty,
Gionisa   29 Years old 2 Year Experience Greek
Qualifications:  Live in Nanny, Caregiver for Elderly, Caregiver for Special Needs
Education: Bachelor's Degree, Certified Elderly Care Training, First Aid Certificate
Dear family, If you are looking for a nanny that will have your children like her own ones than you are more than welcome to have a look to my profile. I have a very strong personality, I always give the 100% of my self to achieve the goals I put in my life. I have no depending issues and I never had, I did my best so I could complete the life circles. My previous employers can verify you for everything that I am stating. I consider my self as a very honest, loyal, God fear sensitive, responsible and very organized. In addition I am an extremely hardworking woman and I can cook very healthy