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Having a live-in nanny in Calgary is a great solution that can benefit parents, the children, and the nanny herself.

Using our online live in nanny search service You can search, interview, and hire the perfect live-in nanny for your Calgary home without any agency fees, by direct hire. Not only is the process easy, but it is absolutely free to parents. How it works is this: foreign nannies list their profiles on our site, and parents can search their profiles for free. Each nanny is educated, healthy, has at least two years' experience in professional childcare or other forms of caregiving, and also will be fully vetted by the Canadian government (include criminal background check and medical tests). If a particular candidate seems like she would be a good fit for your family, you simply send her a message through the site, interview her, negotiate her contract, and then fill out the appropriate forms with the Canadian government. The legal nanny hiring process is briefly explained by government guide (Live in Caregiver program & LMO). Usually this process takes no more than a few months.

When your new nanny arrives, she will live in your home and will be on an extended contract. Because you have a live-in nanny, you will find her wages to be far more affordable than the salary you'd need to pay to a live-out nanny who needs to support her own home. Also, a live-in nanny in Calgary will always be available to look after the children in case you are detained at work, have to work overtime, or get caught in one of Calgary's enormous blizzards. She will be highly motivated to do a good job and stay out of trouble, because after two years she will be eligible for applying for permanent Canadian residency.

Live-in nannies in Calgary will work in any Calgary neighborhood, whether it is downtown, Chinatown, Eau Claire, Connaught, the River Crossing, Crescent Heights, or any of the other Calgary districts or surrounding communities.

Live-in nannies are usually given the responsibilities of caring for the children, of course, but you can also negotiate with them other elements of their job description. Typically these can include cooking, cleaning, laundry pet care, driving, and even tutoring the children or assisting them with their homework. A live-in nanny can make life so much easier for parents, and provide a great deal of nurturing and stability for children. In addition, employing a live-in nanny can allow parents to spend more quality time with their children, and each other, instead of simply coming home to an endless round of cooking, cleaning, laundry, shopping and other mundane tasks. A live-in nanny in your Calgary home can take the children to many of Calgary's wonderful attractions, allowing parents time to simply be together and improve the quality of their marriage.

If you need another type of caregiver, such as for an elderly family member, or a family member with special needs, you can also use Live in Nanny Canada. Search for a caregiver who specializes in and has experience with elderly patients or special needs clients. Nearly all of our caregivers have received some type of medical training in their home countries. The process of hiring is completely the same as for finding a live-in nanny in Calgary, but the candidates have experience in caring for elderly, disabled, or special needs clients instead.

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Karen Mae   36 Years old 5 Year Experience Filipino
Qualifications:  Live in Nanny
Education: College, Graduated High School or Equivalent, High School, First Aid Certificate, Certified Nanny Training, CPR Training
Hello,I'm Karen Mae, 35 years old a mother of two girls (13 and 7 years old). I'm currently working here in Hong Kong for 5 years with one family raising James since he was a newborn. I'm an all around helper. Largely responsible for James well being since both parents are working. Taking him to school and other activities. My employers are British and Singaporean. I'm lovingly called as Yaya in our household. I'm responsible for his school and extra curricular activities and weekly therapy. As a parent I want to provide what Is needed by my family most especially my children and provide them
Hiede   35 Years old 9 Year Experience Filipino
Qualifications:  Live in Nanny
Education: College
I am a college graduate, working as a nanny since 2006 until present. I used to work in Abu Dhabi and now I'm in Hongkong. I am taking care of an infant and a toddler.
Kenia   26 Years old 4 Year Experience Salvadorenian
Qualifications:  Live in Nanny
Education: College, Graduated High School or Equivalent, High School, CPR Training
Dear host family, thank you very much for taking your time to check my profile. My name is Kenia Segura. I am 26 years old and I come from El Salvador in Central America. I am a college student who has a special passion for kids. I am currently working as a nanny for a new born baby boy here in El Salvador. I am a very hard working person and also very competitive, I always take initiative and exceed expectations. I am an energetic baby sitter who loves playing outside, I am very funny, creative, honest and very loyal. I take very serious my work for what I like to teach good manner and be a
Shaira Mee   27 Years old 3 Year Experience Filipino
Qualifications:  Live in Nanny, Caregiver for Special Needs
Education: Associates Degree, College, High School, Certified Nanny Training, Technical education and skills development authority
Dear future employer!I am Shaira Mee Manibog, 26 years old. I have an associate's degree from college in information and technology at Cagayan State University in Sanchez Mira, Philippines. I am a good person, honest,simple,lovable, trustworthy, hardworking,responsible,reliable and smart.i am working here in Discovery Bay, Lantau Island, Hongkong.I am taking care of two children: one boy and one girl, ages 4 and 2.I help them during the day with preparing their foods, bringing the boy to the school and picking him up after his class.every afternoon they have a play day and I need to watch
Rochael   29 Years old 4 Year Experience Filipino
Qualifications:  Live in Caregiver for Elderly, Caregiver for Special Needs
Education: Associates Degree, Bachelor's Degree, Certified Elderly Care Training, First Aid Certificate, CPR Training
Hi, I am Rochael Colita, 28 years old. I'm from the Philippines currently living in Denmark. I have a bachelor's degree in nursing from Liceo de Cagayan University and a registered Nurse in the Philippines. I do well in cooking, cleaning and taking care of the kids as well as elderly (I worked at nursing homes before in Singapore and I'm currently an au-pair in Denmark). I'm an honest, responsible, hardworking, patient, happy, quiet and sweet person. Because of my experiences in life, I know just what it entails to look after children, elderly as well as person with disability employing compas