Candidate Profile Summary - Monica Molina
     Personal Information
Candidate ID: 25623
First Name: Monica
Last Name: Molina
Age: 37
Gender: Female
Nationality: Ecuadoran
Current Location: Quito, Ecuador
Seeking: Full Time Live-in Position
Specializing In: Childcare, Disabled Care, Disabled care/autism
Dear Family. About my family: First of all I would like to thank you for reading my profile, and I will try to give you as much information as I can. My name is Monica, from Ecuador South America, I was born in Quito capital of Ecuador.I'm 31 years old. My family consists of four members, dad, mom brother and me. I still live with them, and we are a happy family. my dad is retired. He has impaired hearing, my mom has a food business, my brother has mental disabilities, as have my father and my brother with disabilities. I learned to patient calm and balanced person since child, these qualities helped me in my work with children and people with special needs .we enjoy spending time together, like cooking and walk, wach tv together. We know the comunications and love are essential ingredients for be a happy family About my education and training. I graduated High School in my country after That I take a nursing course about eight months in this training I learned CPR, first aid. Work with children influence me to choose one career as psychology, I started to study psychology in University “UTPL” while working to help my family in 2010. I am currently a graduate as a psychology. Study psychology gives me different point of view about the behavior of children, and to stimulate children for learning using creativity such as music, there are different ways to stimulate creativity these are basic skills when you work with infants and childrens. Let's talk a little about my experience: I have about five years of experience as a nanny, started in USA under au pair program, also in Canada and Ecuador, working with children of different age, most infants and school age, within my responsibilities were; cover basic needs such as food, cleanliness, clothing, also stimulate cognitive area through play, painting, drawing, music, take music lessons, swimming , give a careful protection on factors that may cause physical or psychological harm. within my responsibilities too, housekeeper, I love working with children and as a housekeeper, I enjoy my work and I am happy working. An Anecdote: I remember I started working with a child 12 months at the request of his parents I had to speak in Spanish with him so I spoke eight hours working with him in Spanish, a year later the child understood me everything in Spanish and when he wanted something he spoke in Spanish, this was very important for him and his parents as children because it is easier for them to learn other languages, was a very nice experience for all. About my personality: I consider myself an introvert, but I like to have friends to share good and bad times, I am patient, responsible, punctual, honest, caring, loving, quiet, I speak the truth all the time, truth, sincerity are very important for me, in my work I consider myself a thorough person, for me is very important that my bosses be pleased with my work. Talk about my hobbies: I like going to the gym, I like cooking and preparing yummy desserts !!!, I love listening to music, but I also love being in a place surrounded by nature and be quiet, I love to visit friends and prepare desserts for them, I like to volunteer, I did it in USA at the food bank helped distribute food, in my country did volunteer work in the hospital as a smiling doctor, for children with cancer and other diseases. Cook / bake: I can prepare the food of my country that is very delicious, a little Mexican, American, a bit of everything :) I try to prepare healthy food rich in vegetables, I hope to prepare some typical meals of my country for you!!!. To consider: The visa processing here in ecuador would only take 4-6weeks upon submission of the LMIA to the Canadian Embassy, If your willing to know more about me I am willing to under go an interview in your convenient time and day. Have a wonderfull day, and thanks a lot for read this letter, sorry if I wrote some grammatical / spelling error, thanks God bless you.  
Experience working as:
Caregiver for Special Needs  
Live in nanny
Years of experience: 6 Years full-time paid experience
Experienced With Age Groups:
Newborn - 3 months  
3 - 12 months - Infant  
1-2 Years Toddler  
2-4 Years Preschool  
special needs children  
Employment history:
From To Name of Employer Employer Address Position Name
    Tanya Schevitz  San francisco eeuu  nanny 
Caher 1 year old. My responsabilities: prepare breakfast took him to the neighborhood park and children’s center and enrolled him in toddler song and art classes, play with him, teach spanish, read book. While Catcher was napping, always cleaned, doing laundry, sweeping and mopping the floors, and doing the dishes 
04/2006  05/2007  Marian Mather  San francisco  nanny 
AU PAIR IN USA Prepared meal, prepared their dress and assisting all their needs. Spanish immersion program. Do the laundry, and cleaning the house.  
05/2014  07/2015  Livia (from brazil)  Ecuador  teacher 
Gui with autism five years old: Stimulate language through pictograms, give potential care, help with the independence, teach basic things like going to the bathroom, brushing teeth, be ana liaison between the teacher and the child, help him in his understanding of the world 
High School  
First Aid Certificate  
Dates Attended Name of School/College/University Main Subject Studied Diploma achieved
10/1997 - 08/2003  T.H.E. Quito  High School  High school 
10/2010 - 01/2016  Utpl University  Psychology  Graduate 
Education Comments:
I finished my University studies, and some courses related to my profession 
      Documents / Pictures
      Other Information
Marital Status: Single  
Religion/Spiritual Practice: Christian 
Languages spoken: Spanish 
Country of Residence: Ecuador
Do you have your own children? No
Criminal record: No 
Valid Driver's License: Yes 
Smoking Status: Non-Smoker  
Do You Swim? Yes 
Comfortable with pets: Yes  
Household duties: Cooking/Meal Preparation, Housekeeping, Running errands, Laundry, Ironing, Grocery Shopping
Health: Excellent
Height: 5' 1" or 155 Centimeters
Weight: 115 Lbs or 52 Kgs
Allergies: I'm not allergic
Salary: Negotiate - provincial minimum wages
Additional Information: