Candidate Profile Summary - Marina Nishimoto
     Personal Information
Candidate ID: 5752
First Name: Marina
Last Name: Nishimoto
Age: 31
Gender: Female
Nationality: Japanese
Current Location: Fukuyama, Japan
Seeking: Full Time Live-in Position
Specializing In: Childcare
I am very cheerful, open minded and reliable person. All people I have met love me very much. Especially the families, I spent time with, accept and love me as a truly member of their family. I really get along with children and love caring for them since I was a small girl. Even the babies who are dealing with stranger anxiety let me hold them and give me beautiful smiles. I have a clean record and have a valid driver licence. In addition, I completed the lifesaving training program and if I would have time while I work, I am willing to get a First Aid certificate and broaden my experience more. 
Experience working as:
Years of experience: 1 Years full-time paid experience
Experienced With Age Groups:
2-4 Years Preschool  
5-12 Years School-age  
Employment history:
From To Name of Employer Employer Address Position Name
09/2012    Joinus  2-28-10, Hikino, Fukuyama 721-0942  Nanny 
I am taking care of 4 children from grade 1 to grade 4. As soon as they get back from the school, I help with their homework and read stories to the six-year-old. After their studies, I take them to the playground and play sports with them. Also I prepare and serve snacks and dinner and if it is necessary I intervene when disagreements arose. 
04/2009  04/2010  Nada Podnar  40 East 45th Avenue, Van. B.C.  Nanny 
I cared for 2 children, aged nine years old and 4 years old at the time of starting. I prepared and served meals and made sweets with the children. I took the children on walks and outings on beautiful sunny day. I organized games and other entertainment including Japanese games so that they could have some interest in another country. I disciplined when it was necessary. I oversaw playtime and played sport with them and their cousins (from toddler to 15 years old) in the backyard. 
Associates Degree  
Graduated High School or Equivalent  
High School  
College Child Education Courses  
CPR Training  
Dates Attended Name of School/College/University Main Subject Studied Diploma achieved
09/2007 - 04/2008  Vancouver Community College  English   
03/2007 - 04/2005  Chugoku Junior College  Education  Assciates Degree 
03/2005 - 04/2003  Daimon High School     
Education Comments:
In my first year at Chugoku Junior College (CJC), I took part in the CJC Immersion Program at Douglas College, Vancouver; affiliated with CJC. Our group stayed in Coquitlam and learned Canadian culture and English at DOUGLAS COLLEGE. In addition, I took a teacherís certificate for 2 years at CJC and also I got training at special-needs education school so that I could get further experience and knowledge. During my first stay in Vancouver, I was so interested in Canadian culture and people that I saved money and returned to Vancouver after graduating from CJC. In order to be able to communicate with Canadian people, I took two courses (an ESL and First Certificate) at VANCOUVER COMMUNITY COLLEGE, Vancouver. After finishing two courses, I decided to continue to study English at the same college and took a Comprehensive Full-time Course at the Broadway Campus. 
      Documents / Pictures
      Other Information
Marital Status: Single  
Religion/Spiritual Practice: No Religion 
Languages spoken: Japanese 
Country of Residence: Japan
Do you have your own children? No
Criminal record: No 
Valid Driver's License: Yes 
Smoking Status: Non-Smoker  
Do You Swim? Yes 
Comfortable with pets: Yes  
Household duties: Cooking/Meal Preparation, Housekeeping, Running errands, Laundry, Ironing, Grocery Shopping, Teaching Japanese
Health: Excellent
Height: 5' or 152 Centimeters
Weight: 100 Lbs or 45 Kgs
Allergies: No I do not have any allergies.
Salary: Negotiate - provincial minimum wages
Additional Information: