Candidate Profile Summary - Vita Burkovska
     Personal Information
Candidate ID: 993
First Name: Vita
Last Name: Burkovska
Age: 35
Gender: Female
Nationality: Ukrainian
Current Location: Zhytomyr, Ukraine
Seeking: Full Time Live-in Position
Specializing In: Childcare
Hello my dear future Canadian family!!!! First of all I would like to thank you for reading my profile, and I will try to give you as much information as I can. My name is Vita Burkovska, and Iím from the Ukraine. I am†25 years old. †I was born in Zhytomyr, a small town near Kiev, capital of Ukraine. I have father, mother, and older sister. My sister already has her own family, she lives with her husband and her small daughter separate from us. I love my family and I proud that I have a very good parents!!! I have a good relations with my parents, so I would like to set good relationship with you. I want to be a part of your family and want to feel like I'm one of your family, to be a good friend for you. I hope I will do that, because I will try to do my best. I am sociable person and always can find a common language with different kind of people. About me, I think there are many words to describe myself and my personality. (its better to ask my family and my friends what are they thinking about me ) and I would describe myself as a happy, socialble and caring young woman. I always try to make the best out of everything and I think that I am easy to get along with. I love to smile and have a good time with people. I am cheerful, self-confident and positive girl. Also i`m Christian, and I believe in God . It is belief in my soul. I am grateful to God for everything that He does for me!!!!!! I`m honest , responsible, kind person. Also i`m flexible, sporty , creative, warm-hearted person, and all this characteristics were brought up in me by my parents . About my hobbies and skills, I like foreign languages, I like to learn something new, I speak 3 languages well; Ukrainian (my native language), Russian and English. I also like to dance- I attended a dance school for 9 years. I take part in different competitions, and have acheived prize places. In the future I dream i want to open my own dance school for kids. I'm also interested in photography; its my second passion after dancing. I like to travel a lot and explore new placesand I like to learn about the culture and history of this city or state or country. About my childcare experience , I have been living and working in the USA as an Au-Pair for 2 years. I lived with one family in New-Jersey for 2 years. The family have 3 kids , one of the kids had Down Syndrome . 2 years is a long period , but it really was great experience for me !!! Like I told you earlier, I took care of 3 kids, a boy and two girls. One of the girl has down syndrome, but she is little star! I really saw past the Down Syndrome and simply treated her the same as the other children . The three of them are very different , but i found a key from their hearts. I am a sister , a friend and sometimes even mom for them. I believe in raising children with patience, respect and lots of love. I always try to be a good example to the children because I am sure they learn through modeling. Even if I always try to have a fun time with kids I have the strength to set limits and be consequent if needed because I have made the experience that it is important for kids to learn that there are limits to their behavior and that not everything is acceptable. I love to spend time with kids, we can do crazy things, having fun, drawing, making arts and crafts, playing outside, dancing , making funny pictures and videos, playing in dress-up, and just relax and watch their favorite movies. Another childcare experience was with my niece. While she was a new born my sister and her family lived with me and my parents. So i helped my sister take care of my niece. Its also very value experience in my life, because at future I also will have kids, and every experience will help me. Its amazing to see how kids are growing, its so awesome to see her first step, to listen her first words, and its wonderful to take care about kid!!! Positive energy is coming from kids. We spent the whole time together. I helped my sister to feed, to dress, to walk, to play, etc. When child was asleep me and my sister tided up the rooms, prepared something for her .Now they moved to their own house , and my niece , she is grown up, she is 11 now, she is at fith grade and studies very good. Also i worked at christian charity camp , as camp counselor. I worked with kids from 7-18 years old. This camp is a really important experience because we are with the kids day and night, so we learn a lot of things because they are all different. Spending time with kids is always a pleasure for me. I hope to find a warm, supportive and open-minded family that really treats me like a part of it and I will be happy to work with you as long as you need me. I am looking forward to hearing from you. Feel free to ask any questions. Thank you for your time and consideration. 
 Sincerely, Vita Burkovska  
Experience working as:
Caregiver for Special Needs  
Years of experience: 3 Years full-time paid experience
Experienced With Age Groups:
1-2 Years Toddler  
2-4 Years Preschool  
5-12 Years School-age  
13-18 Years Teenager  
special needs children  
Employment history:
From To Name of Employer Employer Address Position Name
06/2008  08/2008  camp "Grace"  Ukraine  camp counselor 
i was working as a camp counselor. i worked with kids age from 7-18 years old. i was like a mom and sister to them. 
07/2009  07/2011  Sturges Adrianne  New-Jersey, USA  host family 
I worked as an aupair , and i took care of 3 kids. Boy , he is 7, two girls, one is 9, and she has down syndrome, and the older girl she is 11. I am a sister a friend and a mom to the kids. Everyday routine is pretty much the same. My daily childcare responsibilities include helping getting the kids ready in the morning,dressing them, feeding them, playing with them, making them meals/snacks, walking or driving children to and from the school bus, helping them with the homework, giving them baths, and doing some light household chores ,(e.g. straightening up the kidsí play areas and bedrooms, loading and unloading the dishwasher, doing the childrenís laundry, etc.). Sometimes im making groceries shoping. I helped almost with everything.  
Bachelor's Degree  
Graduated High School or Equivalent  
High School  
Au pair School in New-Jersey (Aupair Care))
Dates Attended Name of School/College/University Main Subject Studied Diploma achieved
09/2004 - 07/2009  European University  finance, banking system  specialist degree, diploma 
09/2004 - 07/2008  European University  finance, banking system  bachelor degree, diploma 
09/1993 - 06/2003  Ukrainian school (primary, middle, high school))    high school diploma 
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      Other Information
Marital Status: Single  
Religion/Spiritual Practice: Christian 
Languages spoken: Ukrainian 
Country of Residence: Ukraine
Do you have your own children? No
Criminal record: No 
Valid Driver's License: Yes 
Smoking Status: Non-Smoker  
Do You Swim? Yes 
Comfortable with pets: Yes  
Household duties: Cooking/Meal Preparation, Housekeeping, Running errands, Laundry, Grocery Shopping
Health: Good
Height: 5' 6" or 168 Centimeters
Weight: 125 Lbs or 57 Kgs
Salary: Negotiate - provincial minimum wages
Additional Information: